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Kayak & Canoe

Tramadol Cheap Online, Order Tramadol From China

We have single person kayaks and one canoe for two persons. You can rent them and explore Helsinki sea side. Our calm Töölönlahti bay is connected to the main ocean so you can make a nice long trip or just stay on the bay area.


We have two easy but good kayaks for beginners (Oasis 4.30).

Two twin kayaks (Gobo weekender).

Our two person canoe is classic model from Mad River Canoe.


Prices for kayak rental:

1 hour 20€

2 hours 30€

more hours 5€/hour


Twin kayaks (for two persons)

1 hour 30€

2 hours 45€

more hour 10€/h


Prices for canoe rental:

1 hour 25€ (total so 10€ per person)

2 hours 35€

more hours 5€/h


Floating vest and paddle is included and we have also a few waterproof bags that we borrow for free to our customers. We can give you some instructions in the beginning, but please keep in mind that we are only renting equipment and not providing a full course. Please note that you are doing the activities on your own risk and we are not responsible of the possible hardships that you might encounter while on sea.

For booking the rental kayaks and canoe, click Tramadol Ordering.

Kajakki vuokraus helsinki
kanootti vuokraus helsinki


Please feel free to ask us about anything and we will try to answer as soon as possible. However during the busy summer days that might take even 24 hours.

Hakuna Matata