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SUP-laudan vuokraaminen
Sup kajakki kanootti soutuvene vuokraamo Helsinki Töölönlahti

Buying Tramadol Online Uk, Order Tramadol India

Buying Tramadol Online Uk, Order Tramadol India

Hakuna Matata Sup Rental rents stand up paddle boards, kayaks, pedal boat and classic Finnish wooden rowboat. We also organize sup-lessons and SUP-mindfulness events. We can also customize privet events where you can have all our equipments and beach just for your group.


Buying Tramadol Online Uk, Order Tramadol India

1 hour 20 euros

More 10 € / hour


Serial cards:

5 x 1h 50€

Serial card is personal and valid till the end of August. You can use this card for kayak too!

The instruction moment at the beach is not away from your supping time. The time starts rolling only after you have entered the Sea.


Kayak rental prices // Helsinki, Töölönlahti

1 hour 20 €

More 10 € / hour

Personal serial cards:

5 hours 50€

You can use this card for SUP-boards as well.


Double kayak (Fits two persons)

1 hour 30 €

More 10 € / hour




Rowboat rental price // Helsinki, Töölönlahti

Boat fits three adults

1 hour 30 €

More 10 € / hour



Guided SUP-sessions

Price 25 euros for one hour guided group session. The times for these sessions are listed in our Facebook.

SUP-Mindulness sessions


Price 20 euros so only the normal rental price! Mindfulness part is about half an hour and then you can paddle around for the other half. The times for these sessions are listed in our Facebook.


suppaus helsinki töölönlahti
kanootti vuokraus helsinki


Send us email if you have any questions, but please check other tabs first. This page only deals with the prices.

Hakuna Matata