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About supping

SUP (Stand Up Paddle boarding), is a type of sport where you stand on board and paddle. The board is a bit bigger than a surfboard and it floats. Supping originates from Hawaii and it has become highly popular in Europe during the last few years. It is not a surprise because supping is a very unique sport activity.

At the same time you can enjoy the outdoors, stand on the sea level and see your surroundings from a new angle. You’ll get into harmonic state of mind and all the worries in the world are left to the shore. Supping is easy, but you’ll get a nice workout if you want to. You can go supping alone and enjoy the silence or then you can share the fun with your friends. Sounds good? And don’t forget the nice tan as a bonus! For the beginners, Töölönlahti bay is a great place to start supping, because there is never a lot of waves nor fast boats at this area. For the more advanced paddlers it is fast and easy to continue from the bay to the open sea.

You can wear swimming suit or sports clothes while supping. Normally you don’t get wet unless you happen to fall, or want to jump and have a swim. Usually people don’t wear shoes. Supping is a nice activity even when it is a bit chillier weather, just wear long sleeves and pants.

Supping is easy and it is suitable for every person, who has a basic balance and who knows how to swim. We will show you the right way to stand on the board and to paddle effectively. You will be supping with your own risk. Anyway supping is easy to learn and the risks are small as long as you will listen to our introduction and use common sense.

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